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It was seriously autumnal today – misty, but rather lacking in mellow fruitfulness.

After a desk-bound morning, R and I went off into Stratford mid-afternoon to eat cake run errands, and then took the scenic route back to the car along the south side of the river; this, as many of you won’t need to be told, is Holy Trinity church, in which Shakespeare is buried. The light was so flat that all my photos were pretty boring, so back at home I played around with various curves in Lightroom, trying to add some contrast and bring out the autumn colours while keeping a fairly cold feel to the images.

Going to and from choir this evening I needed a full set of lights including fogs, and I believe I’m correct in saying that the MX-5 was able to be seen from space. Luckily my driving was more competent than my singing, which was dire: Must Do More Practising.

In case you haven’t heard the good news, I’m happy to broadcast the fact that Blip’s own chantler63 is celebrating having her A panel recommended for the Associateship distinction of the RPS today – which I think means that most of us will need to curtsey when we see her from now on. Congratulations Kathy!