Crab apple

The wind dropped today, but otherwise the weather wasn’t much better – it was still dark and cold, and the only invertebrates I could find around the garden were the resident pair of Eristalis pertinax. The female is still remarkably inscrutable, but the male is continuing to shadow her.

I didn’t really want to post the drone flies again, so I was pleased to find a couple of open blooms on my crab apple tree. The Met Office are promising us some warm weather next weekend, and if the blossom survives till then I hope to see it covered in photogenic bees.

I’ve been processing some photos today from about a week ago, and I’ve been surprised to realise how little time has passed since I took them – which just goes to show that if you don’t want your life to feel as though it’s flashing past you at breakneck speed, what you need is boredom. What I need right now though is to banish the black dog, so I think I’m going to have to set myself an achievable list of daily tasks, as motivation to get up and keep moving.