Christmas bokeh

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Many thanks to everyone who said kind things to me after my dental surgery yesterday. The good news is that my face is less painful today; the bad is that the swelling is more noticeable, and the bruising is emerging. I predict that when R and I go to Stratford tomorrow he’ll be receiving some Special Looks, because I’ll be looking as though he’s punched me in the jaw.

I had this idea for a Christmas still life, but I couldn’t seem to quite achieve the execution I’d hoped for. In the end I gave up with the faffing because R was waiting to eat the mince pie, and it was looking less appetising by the minute. I never eat mince pies, because they’re horrible things. I also hate Christmas pudding, and in my opinion the only acceptable way of eating dark fruit cake is un-iced, with a strong white cheese.

Bah, humbug.