Cherry blossom

Today’s blossom comes to you courtesy of an old and largely unproductive cherry tree that lurks at the far end of our wild garden. While scouting around for subjects on a dark and dreary day, I noticed that it had produced one or two sprigs of blossom on the branches that reach out over the stream, and by venturing onto the bank I was able to photograph them against the backdrop of some conifers in the garden on the other side. R chose this as today’s image because he likes the contrast between the pale petals and the dark background.

After having had a better day yesterday, and quite a good night’s sleep last night, my mood dropped again today. I did update my web site, where the visitor total continues to climb at a rate I find – if I’m honest – more perplexing than pleasing, but other than that I’ve spent most of the day surfing the web for what I’ve come to think of as ‘pond porn’. If wishes were horses…. I’d have a great deal of mucking out to do.

I’m thinking of re-reading Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year, just for a bit of perspective.