Another hoverfly

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If I decide to give up photography and put all my camera stuff on eBay, this will be the photo that did for me.

I’ve not had a great day, one way and another – all too boring, so I’ll spare you the details. I eventually made it out with the camera late this afternoon, and quite quickly manged a couple of reasonable shots of this little hoverfly (one of the Syrphus species, I think, though I can’t get any closer to an identification than that).

Then came the editing…..

If I told you how many edits I ditched before giving up and blipping this one, I doubt you’d believe me. Just to give you an idea of the challenge, I’ve put in the other shot I took as an extra, in a version I beat senseless in Topaz B&W after failing to find any other way of bringing the yellows under control.

I converted this one too (several times), but didn’t like it in mono, so here you have it in colour. The reason I persevered with it is that (despite all my moaning) I’m quite pleased with the amount of head detail I managed to capture. Plus, I only had these two shots to choose from today, and this was the better one.

Right – I’m taking my grumpy self off to bed. Tomorrow will surely be a better day….

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