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Mother’s Day flowers: the gift that keeps on giving!

I spent most of the day at my desk, trying to sort out a competition entry before the deadline; I’m closer than I was, but I’m still going to struggle to get the stupid thing in on time. It’s absolutely my own fault – this is one of the few competitions I keep on my schedule, and I’ve had months to pick my images, but yet here we somehow are at the last minute, with me in a panic about it.

And – breathe…

Because Easter is so late this year, the choir hasn’t been able to take the break it usually allows itself immediately after a concert, and tonight we began work on next season’s pieces. We’ve never sung opera choruses before, and I really enjoyed the Mozart and Verdi we busked our way through this evening. We’re also doing John Rutter’s The Sprig of Thyme, which (so far) seems pretty singable – so I think it will be a nice light programme for a summer’s evening.