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I’ve had a very lazy day, by the standard of the rest of this week – other than a brief walk around the damp garden with the macro, I’ve spent most of it at my desk, processing photos from our Welsh trip. I still have a gazillion to do, but for now I’ve put up a few here of the walk we did around the headland at Martin’s Haven – which is a site that’s definitely worth more than the hour and a half we were able to give it.

Other than that, R and I spent a while sitting and chatting over a relaxed lunch; the Offspring gave him a bottle of very nice tawny port for Father’s Day, which it would clearly have been rude not to sample, and I’m afraid that the perfect accompaniment to the port turned out to be a truck-load of cheese and a large quantity of dulce de membrillo – so I’ll probably be giving the bathroom scales a wide berth tomorrow.

Both Offspring also phoned home to speak to their Aged P., which was sweet of them – one en route to playing a gig down in London, and the other en route home from a film festival. I feel like such an under-achiever!