Pass the soap

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Oh what a beautiful moooooorning,
Oh what a beautiful daaaaay……

Whenever I go down to the river at Stratford I keep a sharp eye on the mute swans, hoping that one of them will do something entertaining; and today I spent a happy few minutes watching this chap taking his bath, and apparently revelling in the experience. I have so many shots of the performance that I’m still working on them, but I’ve already put a sequence on Facebook – though have to say that the FB compression has done an even worse job than usual of mangling them and altering the colour.

Other than some errands, some cake, and some photography, I haven’t really done much today because I’ve been feeling a bit wiped out by all yesterday’s excitement. I did make it to choir this evening, but I’m still struggling with the Finzi piece we’re singing in – gulp – less than a month. Past experience tells me that at some point between now and the concert I’ll suddenly get it, and then wonder why on earth I ever found it difficult – but right now I keep finding myself contemplating suddenly needing to leave the country in the first week of December!