Old Town

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I can’t remember the last time I only took one photograph to mark the day, but it’s certainly a long time ago. Today the only time I lifted the camera was to snap this doorway and its rather spiffing Christmas wreath, as R and I sloshed through the downpour in Old Town in Stratford, en route to lunch and yet more errands. It was so dark that I had thought they might switch the town’s lights on early, which would have given me other photo opportunities, but in the event we left before lighting-up time, so it’s a good thing this image came out.

By the time we got home the lane was flooded again, so it’s lucky we were in R’s car and not mine. I know I keep going on about the beastly weather, but honestly – it’s getting beyond a joke now. The forecast for Christmas week promises nothing better, and I’m feeling rather less festive than I’d like to be at this stage of the proceedings.

Time to give myself a bit of a shake and count some blessings, I think.