Mono Monday: Something that makes me smile

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Things that make me smile include such diverse elements as:

My family
My dog (even though he’s suddenly turned into one of the Old Gits)
Other people’s dogs (especially if they happen to be dachshunds)
Raindrops on roses
Whiskers on kittens
Bugs (provided they’re either interesting or photogenic, and don’t draw blood)
Lovely flowers
New lenses
Music that makes me want to either sing or dance (I can’t manage pitching and rhythm at the same time)
Photography (usually)
Looking at my car (you knew I wouldn’t be able to resist)
Pressing the starter button in my car and hearing it make a noise like the MGM lion

I thought I might be pushing my luck, blipping the car again, so here is a lovely poppy, covered with raindrops and harbouring a busy little honeybee.

Well it made me smile, anyway.

To my surprise, R’s favourite was the one I took inside the car, of my finger pressing the starter button and the infotainment hoojamaflip showing that Fats Waller’s Viper’s Drag was playing on my iPod. So I’ve put that in as an extra. In the interests of journalistic integrity I should make clear that I was turning the engine off, rather than on – but if I had been starting it you’d need the following sound effect to go with the photo.

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