Love bokeh

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This week’s homework task in AYWMC 2017 was to produce an image with heart-shaped bokeh. Which is one of those things which looks pretty simple when you see images on Pinterest, but is actually slightly tricky unless you own a Lensbaby heart optic.

I now want a Lensbaby heart optic. And a Lensbaby to use it with.

Anyway, after a couple of hours of fartnarkling, this is probably my favourite out of many, many attempts. Not perfect, but good enough for me to feel that I can move on with my life – if anyone wants me for the next two hours, I will be lying in a darkened room, drinking wine and watching Modus.

I’m indebted to:
TrikinDave, for uttering the word “foil” and saving me from feeling that I needed to use cardboard and a craft knife;
R, for cutting out a nicer heart than I managed;
My mother, for giving birth to me offloading onto us the hot trolley which (eventually) produced an image that worked (more or less) as I wanted it to.

If you care at all, I documented the process here.

If you’ve got this far, you deserve a Christmas treat.

You’re welcome.