Living the dream

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What could be better than your own barge, with a cosy, fleecy bed in the life ring at the prow? At least until some random woman walks past and sticks a huge lens in your face.

R spotted this scene in Stratford this afternoon as we were strolling along beside the Bancroft Basin on our way back to the car, after a successful meeting in the bank (at least, we hope it was successful – if it wasn’t, you’ll certainly be hearing about it), and some celebratory cake. I only took a handful of photos today, of which this was the first and the one I like best; though if looks could speak, I think the chihuahua might have been using language unbecoming to publication on a family-friendly web site. I can sense a series of Old Sea Dog posts beginning to happen here.

In other news, I submitted my tax return, and HMRC have thanked me nicely and said I don’t owe them anything; and the weather is beginning to improve again (just in time for the beginning of the school autumn term). Also, my virus is improving, and my joints seem to be settling after the recent flare. All in all, this goes down as a Good Day.