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I thought I should post a Tiny something today, what with it being Tiny Tuesday results day.

This is untrue.

What happened was that I was sitting at my desk this morning, freewheeling in neutral, when an email pinged in, telling me that one of the images I’d submitted to the IGPOTY Mono Project competition has been shortlisted, and asking me to fill in a loooong form with details of the image, the subject and the processing, and to send them a decent-quality copy, at my earliest convenience. I immediately went into a flat spin, and almost deleted the email by mistake.

There then followed several hours of me checking things, filling out the form and obsessing about various matters to do with the photo – as well as responding to some really lovely reactions to my news from many of my Facebook photography friends.

Then I realised that I’d neither taken today’s photo, nor judged this week’s Tiny Tuesday entries. Luckily I was able to nip out into the garden during a break in today’s exciting weather, and quickly photograph some tiny Andrea bees and two different species of hoverfly. This one is Melanostoma scalare feeding on the ratty flowers of my laurel hedge – if you look full screen you should be able to see his teeny tiny eye facets.

This evening I’ve been through the TT entries several times, narrowing the field at each pass, and have chosen my favourites. You didn’t make it easy though – I could happily have given hearts to all the shots I’m about to list, and Honourable Mentions to as many again. Thank you, and I do hope that you’ll all come out to play again next Tuesday.