GND redux

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When R asked me if I’d like to go for a walk on my birthday and I said that I fancied a yomp around Draycote Water, his expression reminded me of the hoary old joke about the man who asks his wife what she wants for her birthday, and when she says she wants a divorce, replies, “I wasn’t thinking of spending that much.” But as he said (through only slightly gritted teeth), it was my birthday and the choice was therefore mine. So this morning, after breakfast, presents, and a phone call with each of the Offspring, we wrapped up warmly and drove over to Dunchurch.

The forecast for the day had been excellent, but by the time we arrived it was starting to cloud over. It wasn’t windy though, which is the main source of potential grief at Draycote, and we both enjoyed our 5-mile walk around the reservoir. Owing to incompetence (or maybe a surfeit of Bucks fizz and chocolate) I’d left the binoculars in the kitchen, which didn’t help in terms of introducing R to the birds, but he’s always been a good wildlife spotter and he pretty soon got into the swing of things. As you’d expect, I was most excited to be able to show him this great northern diver, but he very much fell for the little grebes, which I can wholly understand. I’ve posted some more birds to Facebook, if you’d care to take a look.

Walking all that distance allowed us to feel entitled to indulge in cake on the way home. And then crispy duck pancakes for dinner. And more fizz. And some snacks and yet more fizz, through an evening curled up in front of the television. A thoroughly satisfactory birthday!