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I spent another morning in Stratford, stewarding the BGCC summer exhibition – a session that proved personally useful, because even though I believe that I know my cameras pretty well, the chap who was my co-steward today was able to tell me two very useful things about the 5DIII that I’d either never found out, or (at least as probably) had once known but then forgotten. We also had some very nice civilians through the exhibition, a couple of whom talked to us very seriously about joining the club; and we had what to me at least was a fascinating chat with a member of the orchestra which spent the morning rehearsing in the theatre next door to our hanging space (Beethoven, Schubert and Haydn: lovely) about his research into sensory dominance in different types of people, a subject on which he’s shortly planning to begin writing a PhD thesis.

I didn’t get away from the ArtsHouse till getting on for 2pm, and after going for coffee and then doing some shopping it was nearly 4 when I made it back home; it was also starting to rain, which put paid to any idea of going out on a Friday bug hunt. Luckily I’d bought some sunflowers and agapanthus, which I supplemented with a wind-damaged bloom from one of my hydrangeas to create this arrangement. The gloomy lighting represents what was going on outside the window and my love of murky Flemish still life paintings, rather than my mood on what has been a very upbeat kind of day.

On which subject, I’d like to thank everyone who left gifts and nice messages for yesterday’s failed butterfly romance – your kindness, as ever, is much appreciated.