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For R and me, today was mostly about Christmas planning and preparation. Up until a few days ago it felt as though nothing was quite under our control, but now we have a mind map and multiple lists, with colour-coded notes and highlights, and we’re confident that we’re on top of the situation. Possibly.

Having taken delivery of about half a warehouse-worth of Ocado groceries first thing this morning, we checked our mind map and lists, crossed some things out, wrote some more things in, and then went off to Stratford to buy the contents of Waitrose. Given that we’d already bought the contents of Waitrose yesterday, it’s surprising that they had anything left to sell us, but it seems that their supply chains are still holding up.

En route to Waitrose we stopped in town for a walk along the river and some sustaining coffee and cake in the park, and took a few minutes out of our busy spending schedule to watch a group of kayakers practising in the turbulent water below Lucy’s Mill Weir. If I imagine myself in this situation the word “fun” doesn’t appear anywhere in the list of adjectives that springs to my mind, but all of the older and more skilled chaps in the group were clearly enjoying themselves, and the more they had to fight the water, the more they seemed to like it. Personally I was quite happy standing on the bank, taking the chance to photograph something a little out of the ordinary.