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A little past their best, I can hear you thinking. But I wasn’t planning on eating them – I don’t like figs – and I think the colour still works. Maybe I should hedge my bets though, and tag them for the Derelict Sunday challenge…?

I had a truly dreadful night last night, partly because of a hyper-critical post-gig analysis that wouldn’t stop running round and round in my head like a demented hamster in a wheel, and partly because my back was giving me hell – there’s nothing like spending half the day alternately standing still, and sitting on a narrow, backless bench, for reminding the lumbar spine that it’s not as young as it used to be. So today I’ve been fit for not very much other than sitting around listening to next term’s music, which is so good that I’ve now ordered CDs of all the pieces we’ll be doing.

I’m also working again on the photos I took when R and I went to Skomer in June, which are evoking some lovely memories, but also making me hate the winter and long to be back there. Planning and scheming….