Dog of the Day

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Meet Bertie, a fifteen-and-a-half week old wire-haired fox terrier.

“We’re having to do a lot of training,” said Bertie’s mother, “because there’s quite a lot of terrier in these. I mean – we had Westies before, but these… well, yes, they’re really quite terrier.”

When R and I arrived home from Stratford (where there had nearly been an Ugly Incident because another couple had laid claim to our table in a restaurant that was crammed to the doors, clearly not realising how unwise it is to come between me and food) our own Dog of the Day was asleep on the snug sofa. He’s having a bit of a restless wander round the garden right now, but overall today hasn’t been a bad day.

The extra (spotted from the river walk along the back of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, which was running a matinee of Wendy and Peter Pan): Tinker Bell Takes a Break.

160124 5 Tinkerbell-2