Born to be wild

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Though a happy person by nature, Marion occasionally found herself wondering what a different kind of life might be like….

R and I went for our walk this afternoon to Charlecote, where we were told that the rut was still in progress – but the fallow boys said they were toadally zorsted, and thank goodness the girls had gone off somewhere else now, so they could get a bit of kip. We walked most of the way round the estate without seeing any ruttish behaviour, and had a pleasant and peaceful time. Sadly though, both of our forays into the cafĂ© were unsuccessful because of table-blockers, and after briefly considering grabbing a couple of people by the collar and ejecting them so we could sit down, we accepted defeat and retired gracefully to Boston Tea Party in Stratford (where the cake is better, in any case). I snapped this scene as we were walking back to the car.