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Another day when it rained, and rained, and rained – though we had no real room to complain, as we didn’t have to deal with any of this weather. But it was miserable – R braved a walk (wearing waterproof trousers), but I only ventured outside for the length of time it took to put the bin out for tomorrow’s collection.

So, trapped indoors, I thought I’d have a go at photographing soap bubbles, using (as closely as I could reproduce it) this technique. After all, it doesn’t look all that difficult, does it?

It’s quite difficult. Especially if you can’t find a straw, and have to blow the bubbles via a wand. Most of them burst as they touch down, and over time everything gets quite wet and slippery. But it’s fun to watch the patterns develop on the surface of the bubbles that do survive, and capturing them is an interesting challenge.

I’m posting this one because it’s the favourite of my glamorous studio assistant (and therefore reasonable recompense for his work with the soft box), but I’ve put about a dozen others here. I’ll be trying this again another day, using a thicker solution and a straw.