Mono Monday: Curve

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I stopped on my way home from work to take this shot of curved vehicle tracks in a field of what I think is probably wheat. In the distance is Sheen Hill, with the line of saplings which featured in some of my dawn photos last winter.

I edited it quite quickly in Lightroom and then showed it to R, who surprised me by liking it – he doesn’t usually care for mono landscapes, but he said it reminded him of some of the 1950s photos in a book his mother used to have. That put an idea in my mind so I re-processed it in Topaz B&W, trying to pull out as much detail as I could across the tonal range. I’ve possibly overdone it, but to my eye it does resemble a certain type of mid-C20th image, and I’m quite pleased with it. And you know what they say: nothing exceeds like excess.