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Scowl lines, mainly: today wasn’t an especially enjoyable day.

1. It was cold, dark, and windy – and I don’t remember ordering any of those things.

2. We finally had to accept that the tumble dryer is dying, and buy a new one (oof).

3. I did gardening (eeeurgh).

4. Some of my stupid joints are giving me grief (grrrr).

Photographically it was a frustrating day too: I made several circuits of the garden with the camera in the hope of bugs, but found only a few things braving the cold. One of them was this little Bacchini hoverfly – I think she’s a Platycheirus, though I’d rather you didn’t quote me on that, because my track record of identifying this tribe correctly is pretty poor. My reason for blipping her above a couple of other quite interesting things such as a Murky-legged Black Legionnaire (yes, seriously) is simply that I like the photo: the crossing leaves give it a graphic quality that pleases my eye.

Late this afternoon the angry – well, maybe not angry exactly, but definitely quite irritated – clouds lifted a little, and it warmed up a couple of degrees; and by the time I was driving home from choir at 9pm there was some pink in the western sky that holds out the hope of a better day tomorrow. With luck, I may be able to get back on the butterfly trail.