Herding cats

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“Are we ready to go?
“No: L isn’t down yet.”
“What’s she doing?”
“Changing her entire outfit for the third time, I think.”
“Oh no – we’re already late!”
“Don’t worry about it – from K’s perspective late is probably good. I’ll just text her an ETA once we’re actually on the way.”
“Well, if you think that’s OK…”

“Is she down yet?”

“Is she….? Oh no – clearly not.”
“Don’t get too keen – when she arrives I want a photo of both of them.”

“Ah good – there you are. Now, I want YOU, and you in the conservatory for a photo.”
[Mumbling and muttering from both.] “Don’t argue – come on, we’re late, and I want a photo. Just stand there. No there. That’ll do. Right – let’s see… oh, no that’s no good, you’re underexposed. Right, OK – again please. Look, could you try and look as though you’re in the same photo? Or could you at least stand in the same focal plane – it would be quite nice if one of you wasn’t out of focus in every shot. Oh, look – stop messing around. Stand closer together. No, closer than that – put your arm round her. No, don’t pull that face. KEEP STILL! OK – that’ll do. Now for goodness’ sake get in the car – we’re an hour late already.”

Despite an almost complete lack of co-operation by The Animator and The Musician, we did make it to my sister K and b-i-l A’s house in time for lunch, and a lovely time was had by all. I hope your day was as nice!