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So. We woke up this morning to find that the village had flooded overnight – though not our house, thankfully. The trench filling with water used to be a regular occurrence, but hasn’t happened in several years, since some flood alleviation work was carried out; but given the amount of rain we’ve had over the past few weeks, it’s not wholly surprising that the flooding fairy has revisited us now.

R’s sister and brother-in-law, who were due to be visiting us today, didn’t – though they’re still in the area and we hope they’ll be able to come for lunch tomorrow. So the blueberry orange polenta cake is as yet untested – unlike my resolve, when I got a bit snackish in the middle of the afternoon, and remembered that it was sitting in a cake box in the kitchen.

I distracted myself with this chrysanthemum flower, shooting it every way I could think of to see what worked best. R has chosen this, which was actually the last image I took, at wide aperture against a dark background. The extra is a high-key four-shot focus stack against white, processed with the contrast and clarity reduced to try to make the white edges of the petals bleed out against the background.