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It has been that kind of day – but given that I’m sitting in a warm, (reasonably) dry house in a village that’s accessible via normal means, for once you won’t hear me complaining. For anyone who hasn’t already seen the current news from England, thousands of people have been flooded out of their homes over the past couple of weeks, some of them more than once – so however much I don’t care for rain, this is a day on which I’m counting my blessings.

The Offspring both returned to their normal lives today, which has left the house feeling strangely empty. Tomorrow I want to shake off my post-Christmas lethargy and try to wrap up some ongoing projects – I need to tidy up my photo files, and I think I’ll also aim to have my web site up and running by the end of the year. It would be good to start 2016 with some space available on the to-do list for new things!