Abstract Thursday

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I thought it would be fun to get involved in youoregon1’s new challenge, Abstract Thursday – if you haven’t run across it, here are some of his thoughts on the concept.

I decided that I would have a go at photographing a flower through the distorting lens of a glass bowl – I’ve seen some very effective shots taken that way, and it sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?

It is not straightforward. At all. Even when my lovely studio assistant volunteered to hold the bowl it was not straightforward – in fact, if any of the neighbours witnessed the performance they’d have been forgiven for deciding that we had finally and completely lost our minds. The extra was taken much more simply – I put the 31mm extension tube on the 50mm lens, and pointed it at a Santolina chamaecyparissus from beyond the focal range of that combination. Both shots were then beaten up a bit in LR, but no other effects were used. Does it show??!

150702 3 abstract

If that orange bloom on Lady Emma Hamilton survives the rain we’ve had this afternoon – not a given, by any means – she may well reappear tomorrow, slightly better-focused.